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Instant Delivery

At Secure Smurfs Our LoL Smurfs are delivered automatically 24/7, as soon as your payment is completed. All you have to do is download the link. And then you can begin logging in and playing on your LoL Smurf.

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Complete Security

Unverified Emails on our League Of Legends Accounts allow complete ownership control upon purchase. Simply add and verify your email then change your password. Have peace of mind knowing your LoL Smurf account is safe and protected and unrecoverable by any one except you.  

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Full Transparency

At Secure Smurfs we believe in transparency.  All regions of our LoL Smurf Accounts come with screenshots of account or an explanation of exactly what you can expect. I want you to know exactly what you will receive when you buy LoL accounts from us.    

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Lifetime Warranty

We region specific level our league of legends accounts to ensure they are Ban Safe, we feel confident in offering lifetime warranty. Just contact us and we will replace your LoL Smurf account free of charge in the rare circumstance your account is banned.  

Unranked Smurfs

Level 30 or higher LoL smurf accounts with fresh rank history. When you buy LoL Smurfs from us you can start playing your league of legends ranked placements  without low priority que.

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Custom Order Accounts Available 

Pick your summoner name, account name and Level in Advance.

How to buy a lol smurf account

The Process is easy, simply choose from one of the many cheap LoL Smurfs for sale. You can choose from Blue Essence Smurf Accounts, champion shard accounts and even LoL Smurfs that come with free summoner name changes. Once you have settled on the League of Legends account you desire  simply check out with one of our many secure checkout methods from Google Pay,  Apple Pay, PayPal and traditional credit cards. After payment, you will instantly receive you account credentials via a downloadable text file. Then login to your account thanks for buying from our Lol Smurf shop.

Reasons to USE a lol smurf account

There are many reasons to use  lol smurf accounts. It allows you to play with less anxiety as losing doesn't affect your main's ranked ELO. You can try out new League of Legends champions and see how  high you can climb with you another role or champion. You can also use it to have fun by crushing weaker players and having your teammates worship you like a god.  You can also use it as an opportunity to improve by not caring about the game outcome as much and simply trying to carry as hard as possible. Smurfing in LoL allows you to experience the game in a new light.


Why should you buy a smurf account instead of levelling it your self. Buying lol smurfs allows you to save a ton of time on levelling an account as the average account takes 120 games to reach level 30. Rather than wasting a 100 hours levelling you can simply spend less than a hours wage on a League of Legends account from our lol smurf shop secure smurfs. This allows you to pick up an unranked LoL smurfs and start stomping right away without delay. Playing normal games simply ain't fun as ranked and is usually a waste of time. Buy a lol smurf from our Lol Smurfs Shop 

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