5 Awesome Reasons to Get a LoL Smurf Account From Secure Smurfs

"How can I get better?" Buying a LoL smurf account lets you practice without fear of losing your hard-earned rank. Find more reasons to get a smurf account below.


As you rise in rank, League of Legends becomes more and more competitive. Part of LoL's thrill is this rising challenge, as you improve in skill and you face ever more tough competition. However, this rising challenge comes with some drawbacks.

Rank is tough to gain and easy to lose. So what to do you do when you want to help out friends, try new strats, or just goof around in ranked? The trick is to buy a LoL smurf account!

Today we're going to breakdown some of the many reasons a smurf account is worth your consideration. We'll talk about how these alt accounts can help you and your friends improve, and just overall how they can help you have fun on your path to the top.

1) It's Hard to Improve in Unranked Matches

Maybe you want to practice a new role or maybe a new character; where's the best place to do this? Many argue it isn't in unranked play.

A sentiment you'll see echoed through many competitive communities is that unranked play is too non-competitive. If you're trying to master an unfamiliar element of a game, it isn't helpful if either your team or your opponents aren't working together. 

There isn't really an in-built solution to this problem. Even if you have a team willing to practice with you, you still need opponents. It takes more people than most people have around, let alone have around and at similar skill levels, to really make that approach work.

The answer we suggest is obvious then: it's time to smurf. You can play ranked, so people still care about match results, without having to face people at your current rank or risking dropping as you try to master a new skill.

2) Smurfing Won't Drag Down Your Team

LoL has something of an issue where even an expert player can see a serious skill gap between their ability to, for example, top versus jungle. 

Given the above point, practicing a new role or strategy in unranked won't always help much. However, if you jump right into ranked, you've effectively crippled your team. Your opponents will be balanced against your current rank but, because you're attempting something you're unfamiliar with, your effective rank in that game should be much lower.

For all developers try to deride smurfing, this is an unsolved problem on their end. Without a smurf account at a lower rank, there is no good way to practice without also hurting whatever team you're on. Not only that but it means losing as your practice won't just hurt you but everyone you're working with!

3) The Ranking System is Unforgiving

League's ranking system is unforgiving. If you're aiming for Diamond, you've got a long road ahead of you. If you're aiming for Challenger, you'd best be prepared to build your life around the game.

Losing means, over time, going down in rank. The issue is that at the highest levels, you must be on your A-game to win. This is again one of the benefits of smurfing.

If it's been a few weeks since you've played, jumping onto a smurf account will let you sharpen your skills without falling down the ladder (at least on the account you care about). Once you think you're ready, then you can jump onto your main and get back into the action.

4) Weird Champion Combos and Plays Are Fun

We're not going to pretend everyone who plays on a smurf account is in it to train and hone their craft. Some people just want to try strange plays that would never work in higher-level play. In some cases, some of the weirder plays could even result in trouble for your account!

Maybe you've seen some zany Blitzcrank Kalista plays that looked fun.  Maybe you think playing Tamh Kench Zilean Bottom and spitting minions with bombs at them would be fun. Maybe you just want to style on some Silvers. Whatever your reasoning, it's okay to admit it is going to be impossible to do on a high-ranking account.

Many people use smurf accounts to have fun without the complete clown shoes experience that can be unranked play. Others want to try essentially soloing lower-level players. If you're curious about that stuff, it's time to try smurfing.

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