About the Creator of Secure Smurfs.

Hi there I'm Stephen:

Just a bearded tall dude from Canada  trying to accomplish his dream of being his own boss. I was born in a small down but went to college in Toronto and that is where I reside now.

I've been playing video games since I was 4 years old. In addition, for much of my early life I played competitive sports  from 6 to 18 years old. Sports such as Hockey league I've worked mostly in customer service jobs so at the very least I'm good at that. In high school I started playing league at 17 years and have been addicted ever since likely due to its Competitive teamwork and social nature that I got used to from playing sports.

When I was 18 I went to school for computer programming. At first, I was having a great time. I was being social and making lots of new friends. One day I became very sick for nearly a month. At the time I thought I had mono. And long story short I missed a lot of class  I fell into a depression, dropped out of school. I also later found out I had ADHD and a prolapsed mitral valve in my heart. Even after recovering from the cold I felt off for years I was tired all the time and had trouble thinking clearly.

Eventually I got mostly better although even to this day not 100 percent.

I worked various jobs over the years when I eventually went back to school where I met my lovely wife.

My last job was at an electronics store selling Internet, TV and cellphone services as well as consumer electronics. If you know anything about these jobs they're stress full especially if you are a caring empathic person like myself who wants to give his customers the truth and the best deals. When I started out at the company things were great I was making decent money and I got to help people out with something  was interested in, technology.

After working at the original location for just over a year my girlfriend at the time, now wife wanted to move back to Toronto after living with my parents for a few years to try and pay off some of our school debt. I continued to work for the company at a new store although it was one that was less busy, so I made less money that and expenses were high living in Toronto. At least my wife got a good job working at a bank. Although the new store was small I liked my boss, and he treated me well, so I stayed with the company and started to build a  base from the customers who appreciated my transparency and honesty when it came to selling. 


Sadly after a few years at the smaller store it closed down, and I was moved to a new location. Sadly, while I liked the new staff me and other staff members were not treated very well. We were harassed and put down in coaching sessions and discriminated against that I won't get into much detail.

My hours were drastically cut, and I was having a hard time paying my bills and expenses.

Then the pandemic happened It was during this time that we were given a work from home opportunity working for the parent company. Things were good for a while the new position paid better and kept me safe from corona and my boss.

Sadly they sent me back to work after a few months and reopened the stores. I tried to keep to myself but the harassment didn't stop so Eventually Three of us quit. 

So I'm currently unemployed and will have to look for new work hopefully work from home as I am still worried about getting corona. Despite being fairly young, I'm afraid of getting chronically ill like I did all those years ago.

During this time off from work I started getting interested in thinking of ways I could help support myself of my League of Legends hobby.


It's been close to 11 years now of playing League and I failed at going pro back in season two. These days I got wrist issues (I blame it on bad ergonomics for my 6ft6 frame) and in terms of league players I'm  a boomer now.  I've switched to playing Yuumi mostly at a d3 to d1 level depending on the day of the week. This helps my wrist and rely more on my brain and helping enable others.


 I started Secure Smurfs because I wanted to build a lol Smurf shop that I would wanna shop at. One where you could buy reasonably priced League of Legends accounts that showed you exactly what you were purchasing upfront. A site where you could have peace of mind knowing you were buying from someone who truly cared about your business and making sure you have a positive experience.


I'm hoping you give my store a chance.   I'm also happy to talk if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach me at info@securesmurfs.com or via the discord channel at https://discord.gg/zvRxaWDbxp


Thanks again for your support.





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