Warranty and Contact

Our League Of Legends Smurf Accounts come with lifetime warranty. We will replace you account once with no questions asked. After this In order to be eligible for multiple replacement warranty on your account you must play enough games in order to clear out the match history on your Lol Smurfs. The accounts are only banned from manual reports so try to keep a low profile on your LoL Smurf Account. If you clear out the match history you are less likely to be suspected as a botted account. In a few months we will be selling aged LoL Smurfs where this will not be needed. A name change can also help reduce the chance your account is reported. With Aged Accounts we will replace the account if the account is banned for non behavioral or 3rd party programs such as scripting. If you happen to get banned Simply contact us at info@securesmurfs.com with proof of ban and we will be happy to replace the account. You can also contact us on discord SecureSmurfs#6334.
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